What Does Being Happy Mean to You?

By Susan Leigh 2014

What does happiness mean to you? For many people being happy is a straightforward concept. Being in a relationship with a special someone, having a successful, satisfying career or business, a comfortable home, enough money in their pocket; one or more of these are often enough to ensure a feeling of happiness and contentment. But many of these things cannot be guaranteed, they are often outside our area of influence and control. Let’s look at some ways to be happy, whatever our personal circumstances.

– Count your blessings. It may sound trivial to say to someone who has lost their job, relationship or something of importance that they should count their blessings, but taking time to reflect on other positive areas in life can often help to ease the hurt, disappointment and pain of difficult situations. A person with a positive and happy approach to life is one who is able to appreciate that there is often something we can value, even in testing situations; whether it be the support of friends or family, the love of a pet, the fact that the sun is shining or that we have our health. A shift in mindset can help us become more pragmatic, able to reflect on the bigger picture and appreciate what we already have, to accept that there is often something positive around the corner and value that we’ve gained important lessons from our experience.

– Introduce good deeds into your life. By doing good, perhaps by financially supporting a charity and feeling invested in it or by volunteering time and effort you can feel that you are sharing good fortune and love with others less fortunate that yourself. Even shopping for an elderly neighbour or stopping to exchange a few words with a stranger can make all the difference to their day and bring a smile, a positive feeling of happiness into your own life. Being kind without looking for reward towards friends or strangers can introduce a good feeling, satisfaction and happiness into your life.

– Look after yourself. Often we’re the last person we consider in our busy lives. Even single people without the responsibilities of children or a partner can forget to treat themselves and have regular ‘me’ time. Treat yourself well and feel happy by doing nice things from time to time; buy a bunch of flowers, put clean sheets on the bed, plan your favourite meal, take time to listen to music, read a book or watch that film you’ve wanted to see for so long. These are examples of ways to manage stress, introduce some calm into your life, regain control and bring a feeling of happiness into your life.

– De-clutter and clear your space. Many people have a room, a place where they store their clutter. There maybe the view that it will come in useful at some time, or stuff’s been stored temporarily, to be sorted at a more convenient time. Spend thirty minutes each day and enjoy how satisfying it feels to finally be regaining control of your space and discarding your clutter. Then continue the momentum and move your attention to your cupboards and drawers. Clearing away your clutter will help you feel more positive and in control, it will help you to feel happier with your home.

– Deal with your demons. Many of us have habits, patterns, ways of behaving or reacting in situations that do not serve us well, make us unhappy. Hypnotherapy is a powerful and effective way of dealing with these demons and moving on from unhelpful attitudes and responses. Committing to do this can help you make the best of yourself, become more positive, motivated and consequently happier in your own skin.

Susan Leigh is a Counsellor and Hypnotherapist who works with stressed individuals to promote confidence and self belief, with couples experiencing relationship difficulties to improve communications and understanding and with business clients to support the health and motivation levels of individuals and teams.

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