Add colours – your psychological vitamins

Colour is an important component of your happiness. Vibrant colour is a psychological vitamin supplement that has the ability to uplift your mood, allowing you to draw on energy sources that are lying inactive. Enhance your happiness, with the judicious use of colour in your dress, surroundings and lifestyle.

While most colours are uplifting, there are some colours that are negative – colours such as black, which is a void – the absence of all colours. Black drains energy and needs very bright colours to enhance it. Therefore, wearing black – prior to competing in a sport or test of any kind and immediately afterwards – will affect you negatively, leaving you feeling drained and flat.

After any competitive event – either physical or intellectual – wrap yourself again in brightly coloured garments, to help restore your energy levels.

If you must wear black, wear a really, bright, colour combination with it. Some colours containing a high percentage of black in their formulation – such as dark turquoise, dark green, navy, or purple – also give similar effects and require a bright, light colour, to liven them up. Experiment with combinations of colours, to find the most flattering shades to enhance your looks. Happiness is about feeling good about you!

I always feel – and look – bereaved, in black clothing. Often, when wearing black, I have people stop me and ask if I’m feeling ill. To counteract the effects of black, when I absolutely have to wear it, I team it with bright gold accessories – which reflect light up to my face and help to eliminate the dark shadows round my eyes. I use brightly coloured silk scarves, to add colour and energy to a dark garment.

Read more about how colours can help in your happiness in the book “Links to your Happiness” by Helen McKay.