Samples from Helen’s Happy book

Seeing butterflies flitting around, so carefree

Finishing the chores and seeing the house sparkling again

Listening to the songs of birds in the morning

Watching a beautiful sunset with all its glorious colours

Feeling the surface of lovely fabrics: silk, satin, velvet

Polishing my lovely old furniture ’til it gleams

Seeing people enjoy the food I’ve cooked

Watching blue butterflies flitting round my garden

Sinking into bed after a hard day’s work

Biting into a crisp, sweet apple / pear

Stroking a pet dog and getting licked in return

Listening to beautiful music in a quiet place

Sitting in a lovely garden and smelling the scents of flowers

Having my hair done by someone else — especially by children

Walking beside the lake and seeing a scatter of little white yachts

Travelling in the car around the coastline with bouzouki music playing

Enjoying a freshly made cup of tea in a fine china cup

Listening to the ethereal sounds of a harp – bliss

Hearing a good story, well told

The feeling of wellbeing, following a long shower

Listening to the tiny sounds in a silence

The smell of an old fashioned rose in the evening