Can Happiness be bought?

In an article I read recently on the Internet; the writer implied that happiness was an add-on to a person’s life. He suggested that by focusing on yourself; doing a variety of cosmetic improvements, you could ‘get’ happiness.

I believe this writer has got it all wrong. Lasting happiness just doesn’t work that way.

The happiness you ‘get’ from doing cosmetic changes is usually a very shallow, self-centred, fleeting type of happiness and is quickly dissipated. While it is good that you care for yourself, you cannot just go and add a measure of happiness to your life with a cosmetic procedure.

Genuine happiness cannot be bought or acquired but must be generated from within you. This deeper feeling of happiness comes from sharing, and loving, and doing things for – or with – others: not from doing things for yourself. It comes from acknowledging the beauty in the natural world around us and being involved in some form of meaningful activity, or voluntary service to others.

Joy is priceless

Joy is a wonderful experience that for too long has been undervalued by today’s society. Yet it is important that we embrace the joys in our lives and celebrate them, by recording each one in our Happy Book.

When things go wrong; you are then able to look back and read about the good things and great joys you have experienced.

It has always made me feel better to do this exercise, whenever I’m having a bad day. I select something from the list and do that activity, to bring some more positive energy to my day.

Start the Happy book habit today and enjoy the benefits it will bring you.

Read more in the book “Links to your Happiness” by Helen McKay