“Links to your Happiness”

By Helen McKay – A strategy to enhance your life…

Links to your Happiness
“To be happy we need to refocus: to appreciate the tiny, joyful, everyday occurrences that delight us and then develop a positive attitude.”

Would you like to be happy?

Enhance your life with a simple strategy. Identify what makes you happy.

Refocus: become more confident. Be Happy and healthy. Enjoy the stories.

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The Happy Book – for recording the simple, everyday joys of life. In “Links to Your Happiness“, Helen suggests a strategy for a more enjoyable existence. By following her suggestions, it’s possible to refocus: become more confident and lead a happier, healthier life.

Learn how Colour influences your happiness. Colour is an important component of your happiness. Vibrant colour is a psychological vitamin supplement that has the ability to uplift your mood, allowing you to draw on energy sources that are lying inactive. Enhance your happiness, with the judicious use of colour in your dress, surroundings and lifestyle.

Synchronicity and Laughter – the Happy Healer. Once we take a step, in a particular direction to which we are committed, things we need, seem to target us from the universe. It seems that the commitment to a single purpose plays a large part in synchronicity. The right people seem to pop up, out of nowhere – just when you need them – or a job or other opportunity appears, at the most appropriate time. Happiness indeed!

Many believe great wealth is the key to happiness; but they are very mistaken. Wealth can provide all the necessities of life; but it cannot make you happy. Having enough money for a comfortable life is all that’s necessary. It’s not what you have that makes you happy but what you do with your life that’s important.

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